Thomas Klein's Web Development Portfolio


Originally intended for a team of two, I built this website for Bitwise on a contract with Shift3 Technologies according to the design created by the talented people at Bertz-Rosa.


I independently developed the Central California Builders Exchange website from a WordPress theme chosen by the client on a contract with Shift3 Technologies. It required integrating a registration system that had to be custom designed to fit the existing aesthetic.

teacher track

Under a very tight deadline I used Angular to create the frontend of TeacherTrack, an application for educators and administrators.


CenCalVia is a play on the word "ciclovia", which is a tradition started in Bogota, Columbia where the streets are closed to cars and become a community space. I developed the site on a volunteer basis for the event, as bicycling and community gatherings are some of my favorite things.


Landscapes and clouds are endlessly fascinating to me. I try to capture that sense of awe using a DSLR, Konica Minolta rangefinder, and in a pinch, my iPhone.


A genetic counseling startup needed a logo that resonated with women of means while communicating a technical sensibility. The stylized "e" is created with 23 pairs of lines for those with a more scientific background, but still conveys a high-tech feel to those who do not.

freedom of movement logo

A one man massage business needed a logo that imparts contemporary professionalism. Using classic typography and simplicity, the otherwise long name of the business is unified and legible at all sizes.

african wild dog logo

A non-profit startup for African wild dogs needed a logo that instilled compassion and familiarity for these amazing creatures. The simple graphic shows what they look like and the color scheme implies their unique coat pattern.